Deluxe Spin Mop
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Deluxe Spin Mop

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  • Includes: 2 washable reusable mop heads
  • Made In: CHINA
  • Weight: 7.0 lbs.
Keep your hands out of dirty mop water and off dirty mop heads with the Deluxe Spin Mop. The Deluxe Spin Mop, as seen on TV, takes the bending and wring out of mopping. And unlike old buckets with foot pedals that require stepping and straining. The Deluxe Spin Mop spins dry with just simple downward press on the handle. Simply place the mop in the straining basket, push the lock buckle down, and press down on the handle, the spinning motion releases dirt and water out of mop.

It's easy, fast and time saving. Now you control the wetness or dryness. Spin basket features built-in anti-splash protector to prevent dirty water from splashing out of bucket while spinning. Unlike other bucket the Spin Mop bucket features an unique spin head in the bottom of the bucket, allowing you to spin rinse as well as spin dry your mop. Mop features stainless steel, telescoping handle that can angle up to 180 degrees.

The super absorbent mop head locks in muck and mess without dripping or leaking, leaving nothing behind but a sparkling shine. The Deluxe Spin Mop cleaning system handles all your wet and dry mop needs.