Easy Fit Buttons and Hooks
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Easy Fit Buttons and Hooks

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  • Includes: 5 Button- or 5 Hook-style Extenders
  • Weight: 0.075

Easy Fit Buttons and Hooks extra room around the waist. If weight gain, bloating or shrinking clothes has your skirt or pants feeling a little snug around the waist, Easy Fit Buttons and Hooks adjustable extenders will have you breathing easier.

Easy Fit Buttons and Hooks, seen on TV, attach easily to your existing waistband and give you an extra ½" to 2" of room. They will provide the perfect fit every time. You will feel more relaxed in an instant.

Why spend hundreds on new clothes? Our money-saving 3¼" x 1½" polyester extenders will give you the extra inches you need for clothes to fit comfortably again. Imported.

Easy Fit Buttons and Hooks are the perfect solution for those waistbands that are just TOO tight.