Jean Arthur Comedy Collection DVD
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Jean Arthur Comedy Collection DVD

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  • Additional Details
  • Format: DVD - Boxed Set
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Number of Discs: 4
  • Region: 1 Region?
  • DVD Release Date: May 17, 2012
  • Audio: ENGLISH: Dobly Digital Mono
  • Director: Irving Cummings, Alfred E. Green, Erle C. Kenton, Edward Ludwig
  • Cast: Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, George Murphy, Lee Bowman, George Brent, Reginald Owen, Douglass Dumbrille, Lionel Stander, Charles Coburn, Thomas Mitchell, George McKay, Ruth Donnelly, Edgar Buchanan, Reginald Denny, Robert Middlemass, Charley Grapewin, Victor Kilian, John Gallaudet, Dorothea Kent, Phil Brown, Charles C. Wilson, Charles Halton, Harry Davenport, Emmett Vogan, Geraldine Hall, Gene Morgan, George Cooper, Jane Darwell, Josephine McKim, Murray Alper, Herman Bing, Grant Mitchell, Frank Jenks, Robert Warwick, Dorothy Short, Shirley Grey, Bradley Page, Ann Merrill, John Eldredge, Frank Orth, Charles Irwin, Theodor Von Eltz, Arthur Rankin, Charles Arnt, Thurston Hall, Robert Emmett Keane, Wallis Clark, George Hickman, Myra Marsh, Fred Kelsey, Bob Haymes, Romaine Callender, Martin Ashe, William Bartlett, Barnett Parker, Clarence Muse, Tom Ricketts, William Hall, Harry Holman, Wade Boteler, Selmer Jackson, Francis Sayles, John Hamilton, Matt Willis, Emerson Treacy, Nick Copeland, Huey White, Bob Homans, Dick Elliott, Raymond Lawrence, C. L. Sherwood, Vessie Farrell, Frances Morris, Vickie Beaver, Horace Murphy, Raymond Brown, Regina Wallace, Dora Clement, Landers Stevens, Joy Kendell, Pepi Sinoff, Cyril Ring, Robert Fiske, William Benedict, Ralph McCullough, Ralph Malone, Lillian Stuart, William Wagner, Edward LeSaint, Eddie Laughton, Jimmy Eagles, Stanley Mack, Lloyd Whitlock, Wedgwood Nowell, Leyland Hodgson, Jack Daley, Frank Rice, George Ghermanoff, Clive Morgan, Stanley Blystone, Edward Earle, Alan Sears, Jack Richardson, Lee Prather, Mary Lou Dix, Dick Rush, Walter James, Roger Gray, Beatrice Blinn, Frank Halliday, Fred Whalen, Clyde Courtwright, Budd Fine, Kay Toland, Rodney Hildebrand, Jack Cheatham, Bess Flowers, Lew Hicks, Aaron Edwards, Lois Lindsey, Robert Walker, Frank Mayo, Joe Cunningham, Bert Morehouse, Wally Phelps, Tom Seymour, William Gould, Harry Bernard, Chris Frank, A. R. Haysel, Robert Dudley, Ky Robinson, Helen Dickson, Georgie Cooper, Henry Hall, Philip Morris, Mary Jane Temple, Louise Bates, Howard Chase, Claude Payton, Caroline Houseman, "Pop" Kenton, Arthur Stuart Hull, Wilfred Lucas, Richard Kipling, Reginald Simpson, Harry Strang, Larry Steers, Hal Price, Lee Shumway, Charles Wilson, Jack Carlyle, Edward Peil Sr., John Ince, Harrison Greene, Harry Dunkinson, Henry Sylvester, Florence Ho, Nina Campana, Charles King, Paul Jones, John Tyrrell, James Harrison, Kernan Cripps, Allen Caven, George Cleveland, Hal Greene, Frank O'Connor, Bruce Mitchell, Jack Kenny, Art Berry, Eddie Craven, Robert Kerr, Bill Dill, Earle Bunn, Howard Mitchell, Loo Loy, Mark Strong, Mitchell Ingraham, Charlie Sullivan, Jack Boston, Bert Scott, Frank Holliday, Don Roberts, Harry Hollingsworth, Buddy Messinger, Matty Roubert, Billy Engle, Geneva Mitchell, Jane Kerr, Jessie Arnold, Edwin Argus, Irma Harrison, William Humphries, Corinne Williams
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Includes:

    Digital Bonus Features on the DVD Include:
    • Jean Arthur Biography
    • Digital Image Gallery
      - Publicity Stills
      - Lobby Card(s)
      - Movie Poster(s)
      - and more!
  • Release Date: 1935, 1936, 1944
Turner Classic Movies and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment introduce a new DVD line to the TCM Vault Collection, premiering with The Jean Arthur Comedy Collection. The Jean Arthur Comedy Collection presents four, rarely-seen rediscoveries from her early years at Columbia, appearing for the first time on DVD, digitally restored and re-mastered. This comedy collection is a must have for all classic film lovers.

A fast-paced crime comedy, The Public Menace teams Arthur as a manicurist with a brash newspaper reporter (George Murphy) who needs her help in solving the disappearance of a racketeer.

Jean Arthur is paired with Lee Bowman in the comedy-drama about wartime newlyweds and the complications that result from whirlwind romances.

A breezy comedy-mystery featuring Joel McCrea as a renowned criminologist newspaper writer who boasts the ability to predict crimes before they happen. Jean Arthur plays an actress who puts one over on him.

This romantic film depicts the complications that ensue when Arthur falls in love with her boss (George Brent) and competes with the office flirt for his affection.