Mighty Bite Fishing Lures Trophy Kit
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Mighty Bite Fishing Lures Trophy Kit

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Mighty Bite is the only proven 5-sense fishing lure system. Mighty Bite, as seen on TV, looks, smells ,sounds, feels, tastes and actually swims like a wounded baitfish. Works for all predatory fish. Every predatory fish craves an easy meal, and nothing is easier than a wounded baitfish. That is exactly why Jeff invented the Mighty Bite to look, act and taste just like one. Forget all other lures that work on one or two of the fish’s senses. The Mighty Bite is the only proven 5-sense fishing lure system, engineered to ignite a fish’s DNA triggered response, causing it to strike, bite hard and get hooked.

Designed by world-renown fisherman Jeff Mancini, Mighty Bite Trophy Kit is a 5-sense fishing lure that looks so much like a wounded bait fish that, if you're not paying attention, you'll try to fry them up like sardines. This specially designed kit has everything you need to catch Trophy Size, tournament-winning fish! Each kit contains 4 larger Mighty Bite unhooked lures, which range in size between 5.5 and 9 inches and feature our new screw-in red nose hook and part kit to give these lures unbelievable lifelike action! The Mighty Bite Trophy Collection will help attract trophy size fish of all species in both fresh and salt water. This is one of the most popular kits we have available! You'll be catching prize winning fish in no time!

Wiggle this thing around in the water and it sounds like a fish. It feels like a fish, especially after you pull it out of the water. The scent sticks make the Mighty Bite smell like a wounded bait fish. – wow. That’s fishy. And for the final test...yep, even tastes like a fish. Mighty Bite looks, smells, sounds, feels and tastes like a wounded bait fish and works wonderfully for all predatory fish. Most fishing lure systems work on only a few of a fish’s
senses. Mighty Bite stimulates all five.
It’s a lure that no fish can resist.