Shop Outdoor Products As Seen on TV! From the Old Brooklyn lantern, powered with 12 LED lights lasting up to 100,000 hours to the Easy Reach Plant Pulley for all your hanging plants, As Seen On TV carries the products that make outdoor tasks a cinch. Learn to enjoy being outside with these great outdoor and yard products.

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    • Players Pack Cooler Backpack
    • Players Pack Cooler Backpack

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      It's a backpack! It's a cooler! It's a hat! Players Pack Cooler Backpack As Seen On TV has combined the sports iconic shape of a baseball cap with the functionality of a quality backpack. It looks like you are wearing a cap on your back. The Cooler Backpack has a larger insulated cooler…

    • $29.99
    • $24.99
    • Thermo-Slim Rechargeable Hand Warmer
    • Thermo-Slim Rechargeable Hand Warmer

      4.04.0(3 reviews)

      Thermo-Slim Rechargeable Hand Warmer keeps your hands warm all day. The Thermo-Slim Rechargeable Hand Warmer, as seen on TV, provides just enough heat to maintain comfort throughout the day. Unlike other hand warmers, the Thermo-Slim Rechargeable Hand Warmer can be used over and over…

    • $19.95
    • $16.99
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