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    • PetZZZPad Pet Heating Pad – Large
    • PetZZZPad Pet Heating Pad – Large

      4.04.0(1 review)

      Petzzzpad Pet Heating Pad, large, is designed to cradle your pet in warming comfort. American Kennel Club & Cat Fanciers Association branded. Automatically activates with just a step, generating warming 102° heat and automatically shuts off when your pet gets off. The PetZZZPad, as seen on…

    • $29.95
    • Scratch Lounge | Cat Scratcher
    • Scratch Lounge | Cat Scratcher

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      The Original Cat Scratch Lounge the first three-sided cat scratcher. The Scratch Lounge patented design will last longer than other scratchers because of the reversible super-dense honeycomb construction of the pads. Scratch Lounger as seen on TV allows cat’s to satisfy their scratching…

    • $19.95
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