PetZZZPad Pet Heating Pad

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PetZZZPad Pet Heating Pad is designed to cradle your pet in warming comfort. American Kennel Club & Cat Fanciers Association branded. Automatically activates with just a step, generating warming 102° heat and automatically shuts off when your pet gets off. The Pet-ZZZ-Pad, as seen on TV, is flexible, fitting any space and molding to your pet's body providing comforting warmth. Plus the cord is protected in a chew resistant cord casing. The pad is water resistant and easy to clean. Simply remove the machine washable cover and wipe the PetZZZPad clean. The PetZZZPad is safe for use in kittens and puppies providing the cuddling warmth they had with their litter. The American Kennel Club & Cat Fanciers Association branded pad is ideal for senior or arthritic pets providing soothing relief for joint and muscle pain. PetZZZPad provides the heat your pet seeks. Perfect for pet up to 10 pounds.