Cut Above Grass Seed
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Cut Above Grass Seed

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Caring for your lawn can be time consuming and costly with all the mowing, watering and fertilizing! Introducing Cut Above Grass Seed the greatest innovation in the history of lawn care. Cut Above Grass Seed as seen on TV is a patent-pending mix of Kentucky bluegrass and other top performing seed. Other seeds put out roots that only grow 3-4” deep and need frequent watering, mowing and fertilizing. Cut Above Grass Seed grows roots up to 48” deep to find the water and help your lawn thrive in dry conditions, giving you a lawn that grows faster, thicker and fuller. Engineered to grow to dwarf heights you don’t have mow as often.

Cut Above Grass Seed is drought tolerant, disease, insect and weed resistant. Great for shady patches or eliminating pet urine spots. Save time and money on your lawn care maintenance with Cut Above Grass Seed. 2 pound bag covers 500 square feet.