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D-Tox Foot Spa By BioEnergiser - The Official Site Of
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D-Tox Foot Spa By BioEnergiser - The Official Site Of

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  • Includes: BIoEnergiser Detox Foot Spa, Liners, Low-sodium Salt, Energizing Cartridge, Timer Unit, Manual, Instructional DVD, AC adapter and Carrying Case

When our bodies experience poor diet, ill health, injury, or pollutants in the environment, our cells become unbalanced, containing too many positive ions. The Bio-Energiser D-Tox Spa starts the process of rebalancing your body¦s bio-energy, positive and negative ions. Using a special low-sodium salt, the detox foot spa helps re-vitalize and detoxify your body with just one 30 min. treatment per week.

It helps drain deposits from lymph glands, sweat glands, and your pores, leaving you with renewed energy levels, both physical and mental, and a general feeling of well-being. As the color of the water changes, you know your foot spa is working.