Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe
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Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe

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The Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe with adapter for electric and ceramic stovetops brings outdoor cooking indoors. Grilling has gone from a weekend summer activity to an everyday way of cooking. With the greater flavor and the reduction in fats, grilling is more that a special event Ė itís a way of life. So now is the time to start looking at the new way of grilling. With little preparation you can come home from work and throw together a great meal on the grill in less than 30 minutes. Your Minden Anytime Grill, as seen on TV, can cook hotter and faster than virtually any other appliance you own. The secret is proper meal planning.

You can even grill a quick and easy desert on the grill. Grilled fruit is a delicious treat, particularly when topped with ice cream. For most fruits you can simple slice and grill.

Plan ahead and you can turn any weekday meal into something spectacular using your Minden Anytime Grill. With a little practice and some great recipes, you can get a complete meal from your grill in less 30 minutes.

The Anytime Grill is used directly on the top of a gas or electric burner for indoor grilling and cooking. The open bottom design captures the heat from the burner and directs to the grill grate while the innovative heat shield system deflects and directs the mess.

The enamel coating allows for high temperature cooking just like your outdoor grill. The specially vented lid channels away the grill smoke. The lid also traps the heat and turns the grill into a stovetop oven while retaining the moisture in the foods.

Featured on From the Set's "Super Bowl Party Ideas." Cook high and fast or low and slow.