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Nothing Sweeps Better! Unlike standard bristle brooms that have been around for hundreds of years, the SWEEPA One Sweep Broom has been scientifically engineered to be the most advanced broom ever created. The SWEEPA One Sweep Broom is constructed of indestructible space-age polymers with strategically placed bristle design. The SWEEPA One Sweep Broom sweeps better than anything youíve ever used before. The name says it all. SWEEPA One Sweep Broom picks it all up, dirt and dust, in just one sweep. Nothing sweeps better. Sweepa One Sweep Broom.

Tough Yet Gentle! SWEEPA One Sweep Broom is tough enough to clean ceramic tile, even concrete, without wearing down. And, SWEEPA One Sweep Broomís bristles are also soft enough for wood floors. Many people even use the SWEEPA One Sweep Broom to remove snow from their cars without the fear of even a hair line scratch on the carís paint. Itís truly amazing!

Receive 2 Sweepa Brooms!